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Quenching Oil

The term quenching normally refers to the controlled cooling of steel components in a fluid to give specified propeties. The hardness and the other physical properties obtained depend upon the composition of the steel, the dimension of the component, the time and temperature of the heat treatment and the speed and duration of the quenching process.A number of quenching mediums such as molten salts, brine solutions and synthetic quenchants cab be used, but petroleum based quenching media find the widest application due to the following advantage.

  • They are easier to control and give uniform hardness.
  • Suitable for large scale automation
  • These are non-corrosive and non -toxic.

Metaquench grades have been specially formulated from highly refined petroleum oils with additives and have the following characteristics.

  • Good thermal properties
  • Good chemical and oxidation stability
  • High boiling points and low volatility
  • High flash and fire points

Classification of Oils Based on GM Quenchometer

METAQUENCH 39 = 14.6 s METAQUENCH 43 =12.1 s METAQUENCH 44 = 8.9 s
METAQUENCH 42 = 14.2 s